Windows Setup

The easiest way to configure Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000 or XP for Internet access via Gifford Internet, is to use our Setup Software. This is a small program which is available on a single floppy disc or can be downloaded from our website. To download the Gifford Internet setup program now, click <<here>>, select "Save this program to disc" and click "OK".

Note: Before running the setup program, please ensure that you have your Gifford Internet account username (or login name) and password available.

To run the setup program from a floppy disc:-

  • Click "Start"
  • Select "Run"
  • Type "a:\gsetup3-10.exe" (without the quotation marks)
  • Click "OK"

To run the setup program that has been downloaded from our website:-

  • Using "My Computer", go to the folder which contains the downloaded program
  • Double Click "gsetup3-10"

The setup program will prompt you for your username and password. Enter your username (sometimes referred to as "login name") and password as shown in the account details you received from Gifford Internet. Please be aware that the authentication server is case sensitive, therefore you MUST enter the username and password in the correct case as shown in the account information.

If you experience any problems downloading or running the setup program, send email to

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