As part of the standard monthly subscription we allocate space for users to create their own World Wide Web pages.

Many home users relish the challenge of producing exciting, creative, outrageous pages which announce themselves to the world.

However, business users find the web is an effective advertising medium and as such, require that their pages present the level of professionalism they are used to with conventional advertising media.

To meet this need, we offer our expertise as web page designers.

We are experienced in the subtleties of effective communication using technology and have proven ourselves capable of translating an existing corporate image into a corporate web site, or developing new themes for the open-minded client.

This page contains 3 examples of sites we have designed. Feel free to visit these sites, however, please note that these are operational sites and are not purely for demonstration.

If, after visiting these sites, you would like to have your site designed by Gifford Internet, you can take advantage of our "Design-Before-You-Buy" opportunity.

Basically, if you send us your advertising literature and/or company brochures, we will, at no expense to you, provide an example site so that you can decide whether our designers are capable of constructing a site which meets your requirements. If you like what you see, we will provide you with a fixed-and-firm quotation for the complete site.

For further details regarding our design services, please email

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