"Account" means the access service to the internet and Gifford Internet's networks and or computers, provided by Gifford Internet. The words "account" and "service" are interchangeable. "Network" means hardware and or software used to provide a service. "Internet" means the network of networks to which an account provides access. "Data" means information in electronic form. (eg. including E-Mail, Network traffic, etc.).


These terms and conditions of use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom.


In the event that any of the provisions in these terms and conditions shall be held by a court or other tribunal of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining portions of these terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect and shall be construed so as to best effectuate the intentions of the parties executing it.

Acceptable Use

Gifford Internet reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend, halt or terminate, without refund or notice, the service of a user who's use is deemed to be unacceptable or if the customer commits any serious or persistent breach any of the provisions of this agreement.

Unacceptable use includes, but is not limited to:

Spamming. The use of spam mail to send unsolicited mail, or to send bulk mails for the purpose of disrupting normal use of E-Mail.

The publishing of any adult or illegal material.

Excessive usage. An unlimited account does not permit your computer to be connected 24 hours a day.

Users may only be connected whilst using their computers. Permanent Connection accounts are available if required.

Strictly one user per account. Multiple access packages are available.

Your Responsibilities

As Gifford Internet account holder, you assume several responsibilities.

For security reasons, your password may not be given out to anyone else.

To have setup a working E-Mail client to check your Gifford Internet E-Mail address ( as we use this as our main form of communication to our customers.

Protect your account from fraudulent or illegal use.

Adult content is prominent on the Internet. If you have children, it is your responsibility to control any and all access to such material.

Limited Liability

The customer fully indemnifies Gifford Internet, its employees and contractors against any proceedings or claims which may arise from use of the customers account(s) or contents of web space including but not limited to copyright breaches. The customer agrees to take full responsibility for the content of any disk space provided for World Wide Web hosting by Gifford Internet.

Gifford Internet is not responsible for the content of the internet or the information which may be carried by, from or to, a third party or Gifford Internet.

Gifford Internet is not responsible for any loss of data or corruption of data caused to your personal files held either on our system or yours.

Gifford Internet strives to provide maximum availability of the customers' account and access to the internet, but accepts no responsibility for any failures in our network or third party systems, that may affect access to customers' accounts.


The customer is required to inform Gifford Internet in writing giving 30 days notice, by way of fax, phone or postal mail only, when the account or service is no longer required. E-Mail notice is not acceptable, as we require formal identification. Until this is done, the customer understands they are still incurring monthly or any other contractual charges.

All pricing is subject to change. Formal notice (via E-Mail) will be given 45 days prior to change.

Gifford Internet will automatically re-bill a customer's credit card, for those accounts which are payable by credit card.

.UK domain name services

Gifford Internet is a Nominet registrar, with a channel partner tag classification. We are authorised by Nominet to provide services to our clients related to the .UK domain namespace. The full list of services which channel partners are authorised to provide are set out on the Nominet website. This list includes (but is not limited to) the registration, renewal and maintenance of .UK domain names.

When registering .UK domain names, all registrants must agree to Gifford Internet's terms and conditions, specifically those related to our .UK domain name services. Registrants must also agree to Nominet's terms and conditions which can be found on Nominet's website (

Registrants who wish to submit queries related to their .UK domain names, should contact Gifford Internet via:

  • Phone: 0117 9118735
  • Email:
  • Post: Gifford Internet, Lambrook Road, Bristol, BS16 2EZ

Customers who submit a domain name query should normally receive an acknowledgement and initial response by the close of business the next working day. Depending on the urgency of the query, we aim to resolve any domain related issues or problems within five working days. If the solution to a problem or issue is outside our control, we will inform the customer and provide updates as frequently as possible.

Customers who are dissatisfied with the domain name related service(s) provided by Gifford Internet should, in the first instance, contact Gifford Internet via email (via, setting out clearly the reasons for the dissatisfaction. On receipt of the complainant, Gifford Internet will work with the customer to resolve any outstanding issues, to the customer's satisfaction. If, within a reasonable period of time, a mutual resolution to the domain name related issue has not been agreed and implemented, the customer should contact Nominet ( and make use of the Dispute Resolution process which is clearly set out on Nominet's website.

The charges for our registration and renewal services are set out on our website. The time limits for any discounts and/or special offers related to these services are also clearly set out on the website. We do NOT make a charge for our domain name transfer related services. Gifford Internet reserves the right to make a charge for making customer requested modifications to the information held by Nominet related to their domain(s). This charge will depend on the nature and complexity of the modifications. However, simple modifications (eg. changes to nameserver details) are normally made free of charge.

Up to three months prior to the expiry of a .UK domain name, Gifford Internet will issue an invoice for payment of the domain renewal fee. This invoice will state clearly the domain name, the expiry date and the cost of the renewal. On receipt of this invoice, the customer is required to pay the renewal amount. If up to one month prior to the renewal date the customer has not paid the renewal fee, a reminder invoice is sent. If payment is received, Gifford Internet will renew the domain on behalf of the customer. However, if no payment is received by the expiry date, Gifford Internet assumes that the customer does not wish to renew the domain.

In the event of a domain name not being renewed, Nominet will send email notifications directly to the registrant, indicating the status of the domain. At any time prior to the cancellation of the domain, the customer may contact Gifford Internet, pay the renewal amount shown on the invoice and, if possible, we will renew the domain.

Customers (and other members of the public) should contact Gifford Internet to report any abuse related to domain names associated with the GIFFORD tag. The communication should state the domain name(s) and should provide detailed information of the abuse, including evidence, such as emails, dates and times, where possible. This information should be sent to We will investigate and respond appropriately.

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