Multiple Email Addresses

Each Gifford Internet dial-up account is provided with up to three email addresses, for the basic price. (If you require more addresses, please contact These addresses can be configured for seperate mailboxes, or aliases for a single mailbox.

When configured for separate mailboxes, each mailbox will have a unique username and password combination. This requires the use of email software on your computer, which is capable of handling multiple email addresses, such as Outlook Express or Pegasus Mail. (Pegasus Mail can be downloaded from the Tucows Web site).

When your email addresses are configured as aliases, all your mail will be held in a single mailbox. Only having one mailbox to handle, simplifies the configuration for the email software on your computer, but allows you to give others a business or personal address as appropriate.

If you chose to have separate mailboxes, these will be configured as follows:-

  • The username for a mailbox will be the same as the username for the first mailbox with a numeric suffix. For example, if your username is "jenny" then the username for the second mailbox would be "jenny1".

  • The password for a mailbox will be the password that you were allocated when your Gifford Internet account was first created.

  • We will assign the email address you request to a mailbox. If this is not available, eg. the address is already in use, we will ask you to select another address.

To request additional email addresses, send email to Gifford support with the following details:-

  • Your username
  • Email addresses required
  • Whether you require separate mailboxes or aliases for a single mailbox

***Please note***:: The usernames allocated to subsequent mailboxes must not be used to connect to Gifford Internet. These usernames should ONLY be used to collect mail. If you disregard this, you may find that you are unable to connect to Gifford Internet. You have been warned!!!

For further information and advice, please contact Gifford support.

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