Guestbook Facility

We have installed a guestbook facility which can be used to allow visitors to your Web pages to leave a short message. You can create any number of guestbooks, but you are responsible for deleting old and unwanted guestbook entries, to ensure that you do not waste any of your allocated Web space.

Each guestbook consists of two parts. The first part is a set of HTML pages which you must create, one of which will contain your guestbook entries. The second part is a CGI script, which we provide, which is responsible for adding entries to the guestbook. Each Guestbook entry will contain the following:-

(a) The message left by the visitor
(b) The visitor's name, with a hyperlink to an email address
(c) An optional URL, with hyperlink to visitor's Web page
(d) The visitor's city and country
(e) The time and date of the entry

Please note: Guestbooks are wonderful things, however, they can be abused. Some visitors to your pages may leave unpleasant messages which subsequent visitors may find offensive. You should therefore visit your guestbook regularly and remove any entries which may cause offence to others. This can be done by downloading the guestbook to you computer, editing out the offending entries and uploading the page to your Web space.

How to Create a Guestbook

Guestbooks are normally accessed via two HTML links. One which allows the visitor to add an entry and another which allows the visitor to view guestbook entries. We have created an example guestbook which you can use as the starting point for creating your own. Our example guestbook contains 2 HTML files. The first file allows you to add a guestbook entry while the second file allows you to view guestbook entries. Use your browser to save the source and copy/modify as necessary for your own use.

Please note the following:-

  • The guestbook must be world writable. Use your FTP tool to change the file permissions (it should be rw-rw-rw- or 666). If you use WS_FTP then click on the filename on the server, click the right mouse button, select "Chmod (UNIX) then tick all the "Write" boxes.
  • You must include <!--begin--> in the guestbook.
If you experience any difficulties using this facility, please report the problem to Gifford support.

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