Form Mailer

We have installed a script, which will mail the result of a Web form to a specified email address. The script will accept the information from a Web form, convert it into human readable text and invoke the mail program to send the text to the email address provided. Have a look at the example form and save a copy of the source. In the body of the HTML, you will see five distinctly labeled parameters, which allow the Web form to control the behaviour of the script.

When you create your own form, you must include these parameters. They will be used by the script as follows:-
  1. Parameter 1:- The location of the Perl script Do not change this information. If you do, then the mailer will not work !!!!

  2. Parameter 2:- The subject line for the message Change the string "WWW Form Result" to be whatever you want to appear as the subject line in your mail message

  3. Parameter 3:- The URL of the next page Change the string "" to be the URL of the Web page you want to be displayed after the form is processed. The default is the Gifford Internet front page, which we would be happy for you to use, however, I suspect that you would rather have one of your own page displayed. You MUST specify the full URL of the page including the "http://"

  4. Parameter 4:- The location of the mailer Do not change this. It provides the script with the information it needs to send the created message to the mailer. If you change this, the mailer will NOT work. (I have included this information to make the script a little more general-purpose and to allow for future expansion where different mailers may provide different facilities).

  5. Parameter 5:- The email address of the recipient Change the string "" to be the email address to which the message should be sent. Multiple mail addresses can be supplied (in the same string) but these must be separated by commas.

If you experience any difficulties using this facility, please let us know.

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