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My 101




UK101 startup screen

This is the screen display of a Compukit UK101. The machine has 8k bytes of memory, a 6502 CPU and a BASIC interpreter in 8k of ROM.

Practical Electronics published four articles describing the machine. These articles were written by Dr A.A.Berk and appeared in the August, September, October and November 1979 issues of the magazine. After that, several add-on circuits were published, as well as software and practical advice.

The UK101 was very, very similar to the Ohio Scientific Superboard.

Kits of parts for building the machine were available from Comp Shop Ltd of Station Road, New Barnet (North London). I bought mine for £228.85 on 21st February 1980 and it still works!

I hope these pages will become a Web resource for all those interested in the UK101.


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