Old Sad Things

I like old sad things. I have a collection of many and varied old sad things.

  4-track cartridge player Ageing Audio
Quadraphonic, 8-track and valves
  AVO Model 8 Ancient AVOs
Bakelite multimeters.
  TI-58C calculator Classic Calculators
LEDs and Reverse Polish
  Vectrex Games
Who needs raster-scan when you've got a Vectrex?
  Nixie tube voltmeter Instruments
Valve signal generators and anything with Nixie tubes.
  Motorola mobile Massive Mobiles
Handportable telephones by Motorola and Nokia.
  Sanyo memo recorder Memorable Memos
Hand-held tape recorders that you just can't get tapes for.
  AgendA organiser Old Organisers
AgendA and Psion.
  Nixie tubes Peculiar Parts
Nixies, magic eyes and whatever.
  Tektronix 564B oscilloscope Scrapheap Scopes
Oscilloscopes that just keep on working.
  Trimphone Time-warp Telephones
Can you imitate a Trimphone?
  Technicolor portable video Vintage Video
If it isn't compatible with VHS, it's here.

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